How Does EFT Help to Reduce Stress?

EFT has been found to be the ultimate stress management tool. A mind-body set of techniques that regulates your emotions, balances out your mindset and brings you peaceful and calm feelings. Group EFT tapping has proven to help reduce cortisol by 43%, thus reducing stress levels dramatically and quickly. EFT is an evidence based set of techniques that powerfully calm the nervous system and reduce stress levels in the body and mind. A consistent practice of EFT has been proven to improve stress levels, and health and wellness. EFT is also effective to treat chronic stress, anxiety, health issues, and lack of motivation. In addition to delivering powerful healing results. Group Tapping is a cost effective way to learn EFT techniques for your own personal use when necessary. Group Tapping is a way to maximize the power of EFT because accompanying other participants in their Tapping, brings gains for each participant. This is called borrowing benefits. Another extraordinary and invaluable benefit of EFT is that you can use this amazing tool on your own at home, as a form of self care.